Sunday, July 31, 2011

Activity 33- Mime the Picture

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Here is a simple but interesting activity to practice fluency in the classroom! The best thing : students will definitely have fun!

Level: advanced
Skill: speaking
Material needed: pictures of people in different poses.

Ask students to pair up with a classmate and decide who is A and who is B. Student B should turn around or close eyes. Show student A a picture of someone in a specific pose. Tell student A that the objective of the activity is to make student B do the same pose as the one in the picture, however student A cannot touch student B or do any body language so as to help him or her; the only thing student A can do is give directions and explain what student B should do with the body to look exactly the same as the person in the picture! After 2 minutes , student B freezes and teacher compares the picture with the poses. Students can vote for the most similar pose. Then, students switch roles and do the activity again with a different picture.

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