Sunday, August 19, 2012

Activity 81- With or Without It

Here is a simple idea to be used as a warmer!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Skill: speaking
Material Needed: 5 different objects (realia or pictures)

Display 5 objects on the table (or 5 pictures) and ask students : " Which object would you live without? Which object wouldn't you live without?" . Then, ask students to pair up and explain their choices. Remind them that only one object should be chosen for each question. To wrap up the activity, have some volunteers share their picks with the whole group. If time allows, the activity can be expanded by having students discuss why they think a certain object was the most picked or why a certain object was not picked by anybody. 

Suggestions of what could be used: a tablet, a credit card, a car, nail polish, a cellphone, a notebook, newspaper, meat, chocolate, tv, a diary, a dog, an iPod, a microwave oven, socks, a remote control, sunglasses, books, , candies, CDs, etc

Source: Vinicius Lemos
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Activity 80- Unusual Uses

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Skill: writing
Material needed: ordinary objects or pictures of ordinary objects

Divide students into pairs or groups of 3. Show them an ordinary object or a picture of it (ex: chair, pen, ball, ring,etc). Give them 2 minutes to list down as many unusual uses for it as possible. The champion is the group with the largest list.

Source: Marisa Constantinides
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