Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Activity 6- Hotel Receptionist Game

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Level: from Low-Intermediate to Advanced
Skill: speaking
Material needed: slips with sentences

This is a fun game to be played in the beginning or end of a class, specially if the lesson is related to hotels or traveling. Through mimes, students have to communicate a message to their groups.

In class, explain to the students that they have to imagine they are in a hotel at the receptionist’s desk. Unfortunately the hotel receptionist does not understand them when they speak and so they have to mime to him/her. Tell them that they are going to try to mime what is on the piece of paper. All of the sentences on the strips are problems related to staying in a hotel. The class is going to guess what is being mimed and write the sentence on their notebooks. Explain that they can speak but the student who is miming cannot; he or she can only act. Problems:

There isn’t any hot water in my bathroom.
There are mosquitoes in my room.
The toilet is broken.
We asked for a double bed but there is only a single bed in our room.
There’s loud music coming from the disco below.
Our room is very, very cold.
The telephone doesn’t work.
The people in the next room are very noisy.
I need a wake-up call for 6 am.
Can I use the fitness center?
Where is the swimming pool?
My room key does not work.
I cannot turn on the television in my room.

tip: the teacher can be flexible when playing it with the students and accept sentences that are not 100% identical to the ones written on the slips but very close in meaning. The main goal of the activity is to get the messages across.



  1. I'm Uruguayan, I attended your presentation at the ABS congress, you are a great team, your ideas are really practical.

  2. That's a nice ice breaker game, not only for classrooms but also as a team building activity since it involves communication improvement. As for the students, it will give some ideas on how a receptionist works in a hotel.

  3. Hahaha! I can just imagine how hilarious it would be to see your team members mime all the sentences in the list. This can definitely be a fun activity for customer service representatives, since this can help them enhance their communication skills.