Sunday, October 2, 2011

Activity 42- The Optimistic and The Pessimistic

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How about practicing the first conditional in a different and fun way? Here is an activity to practice it dealing with optimistic and pessimistic views.

Level: basic or intermediate
Grammar point: first conditional
Skills: listening/reading and speaking
Material needed: situations provided by the teacher
Pair up students and assign each one a role: the optimistic and the pessimistic. Explain that the teacher is going to give them a situation (paper slips, board or orally) and that each one should come up with a sentence in the first conditional that would reflect the role assigned to them. As a wrap-up, elicit from the whole class some of their sentences, so that the other classmates can listen to them too.

a) You don`t know if you should go to a concert tonight.
b) You have saved some money and you are thinking about buying a car.
c) Someone offered you a ride to go to school/work.
d) You were offered a great opportunity to live/work/study abroad for a while.
e) To become or not to become a vegetarian? That`s the question!
f) You`ve lived all your life in a flat. Now, you are considering moving to a house.
g) You`ve been in the same job for more than 10 years and you have a prestigious positon in the company. A friend offered you a new job in a recently opened business for a much better salary. You are considering taking the offer.
h) You and your friends are discussing the pros and cons of becoming a  famous celebrity.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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