Sunday, May 15, 2011

Activity 21- What Do They Have in Common?

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This is a great speaking activity to start the class and it involves a lot of critical thinking and creativity. 

Level: advanced
Skill: speaking
Materials needed: realia or pictures of objects

Divide students into small groups (3 or 4) and explain that they are going to see 3 objects or pictures of 3 objects and that the objective is to explain what they have in common. For example: a car, a tv and a can opener (they all have metal pieces, they are manufactured); a cellphone, a book and a dog (the three of them can entertain us, they are a good company when we are alone). Set a time limit for discussion and elicit their ideas. The activity is more fun and challenging when the 3 objects are very different from each other. You`ll be surprised by how creative students can get!

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