Sunday, June 5, 2011

Activity 26- Love Triangles

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 Get your students talking about something that is meaningful to them with this activity that requires very little preparation! 

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Skill: speaking
Materials needed: a board and a marker *


Draw a triangle on the board and write three items on each side of it, such as 'spring water', 'Coca Cola', and 'coffee'. Tell students to pair up or sit in groups and discuss the three items and then decide which one is their favorite and why.
Some ideas: beach,mountain,city/ salad,meat,pasta/plane,train,car/running,dancing,swimming/ winter,summer,fall/ morning,afternoon,evening/ books,CDs, films/ cats,dogs,birds/ video games,crosswords, board games/ money,love,career

* Suggestion: the triangles with topics can be made before the class using cards, posters or PowerPoint slides.

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