Sunday, November 27, 2011

Activity 49- Balloon Storytelling

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Here is a fun activity that should appeal to children and teenagers. The principle behind it is very similar to a previously posted activity (Colored Balloons) but it is a lot more challenging. Great warmer to start your class, specially if the students are learning the simple past.

Level: basic or upper
Skill: speaking
Material needed: a balloon

Tell students that they have to keep a balloon in the air at all times. The teacher begins telling the story by throwing a balloon in the air. Students have to say a word/phrase/sentence as they knock the balloon upwards. If they cannot think of a word to say, they must say 'er''urn' etc. If they let the balloon touch the floor or a piece of furniture, they are out. A student can start a new story every time someones gets eliminated.


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