Sunday, June 26, 2011

Activity 29- Change Places If...

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This is a nice activity to get your students moving and it works best with young learners. As a matter of fact, you can adapt this activity and turn it into a different strategy to change the students` seating arrangement.

 Level: any
Grammar point: any
Skills: listening and speaking
Material needed: none

Write “Change places if...” on the board.Get students to stand up and place chairs in circle.Take away one chair. Demonstrate game, using a desired structure e.g.” Change places if you like eating bananas”. Students who like eating bananas have to move to a different seat.The student who remains standing must think of a new sentence using the structure being taught or reviewed e.g “Change places if you like playing handball” and students who like playing handball have to change seats.

* Variation: You can do the activity just to change the seating arrangement for another activity to come.  In this case, be in charge of saying all the sentences and don’t take away any chairs.

Source: , adapted by Vinicius Lemos  

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Activity 28- Rhyming Tennis

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In this game students have to say words that rhyme to one another. 

Level: Any
Skill: speaking
Materials needed: none


Divide students into two big groups. Explain that you are going to start them off with a word. Explain that you are going to start them off with a word. Then, the teams have to think of words that rhyme with it and keep taking turns saying them. They should keep the tennis game going without repeating the words. To make it more challenging, establish a time limit (30 seconds, for example). A group scores a point when the other one fails to say a new word within the established time.

Suggestions: Fly, face, light, tree, bell, game, car, international, sand

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