Sunday, February 19, 2012

Activity 53- 2012 Audi Superbowl Commercial

Here is a short activity that can be done with groups of teens using one of the traditionally creative Superbowl adds.

Level:  basic/intermediate
Skill: speaking
Material needed: Youtube video

Show the first 25 seconds of the video (moment right before the vampire in the car actually arrives at the party) and elicit what students know about vampires (things they like to do, eat, drink, limitations, habits,skills,etc). Then, continue showing the rest of the video until 0:45 (after all vampires at the party have been destroyed) and ask the students "WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DO YOU THINK ALL THE VAMPIRES WERE DESTROYED?". Ask students to sit in small groups and give them some time to discuss and speculate what might have happened. Elicit their ideas and then show the rest of the video so that they can check what really happened and if they were right about their guesses. Follow-up discussion: Ask students " HOW DO VAMPIRES TODAY DIFFER FROM THE ONES IN THE PAST? HAVE THEY CHANGED MUCH?" This is a nice wrap-up question that can get a lot of students engaged, specially if they are fan of the Twilight saga.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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