Sunday, May 20, 2012

Activity 71- Speculating About People

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Skill: Listening and Speaking
Grammar point: Speculating about people
Material needed: Large pictures of people you know (or Power Point Slides with Pictures of people you know)

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Before starting the activity, talk to students about people’s physical appearance and how much they can figure out from one’s character just by looking at him/her. Give examples using famous people’s age and how young, for instance, they might look, but not necessarily be.
Then show pictures of people you know well and ask students to speculate about those people’s likes and dislikes, interests, age, background, and so on. Finally, tell students how much they have actually guessed just by looking at the pictures.   

Variation: You can ask students to bring pictures of people they know well, and then have them work in pairs or small groups to speculate about the photographs they have brought.

Source: Vânia Rodrigues

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