Sunday, June 3, 2012

Activity 73- Find Someone WHO... Has the Answer!

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Level: Basic and Intermediate
Skill: Listening and Speaking
Grammar point: WH- Questions
Material needed: Prepare slips of papers with WH- Questions and Answers. The idea is to have more slips than the number of students in class, for whoever matches more questions and answers, wins the game.


-          Prepare a set of WH- questions with their corresponding answers;
-          Hand out two slips for each student (a question and a different answer);
-          Tell students they should walk around the class, trying to find the corresponding question and answer to their slips;
-          When pairs find a match, they come to the teacher, show him/her their match to see if they are correct, and then get more slips with more questions and answers;
-          The game goes on until there are no more slips left.
-          Then ask the students to count how many slips they have and whoever has more slips, wins!

Source: Adapted from “Grammar Practice Activities”

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