Sunday, March 10, 2013

Activity 92- Move If

This is a very similar idea to a post published before ("Change Places If " ) but with some twists. Students will definitely enjoy working on this activity! 

Level: All Levels
Skill: speaking
Material Needed: None


Have students make a circle with a student in the middle. Give each student a piece of making tape. They should use that piece of tape to mark their places on the floor. The person standing in the middle gives the command. This person should say something that is true for himself/herself, “Switch places if…you are wearing jeans” and then finishes the sentence. Everyone who is wearing jeans should switch places, including the student who gave the command. There is always going to be one person in the center of the circle who is in charge of giving the next command

Source: Vânia Rodrigues, Adapted from The Monster Book of Language Teaching Activities.
Picture credits:  Doremi Girl /Flickr 

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  1. Like it! Specially the twist! I`ll use it tomorrow! Thanks!