Sunday, February 27, 2011

Activity 10- Bigger, Better Bingo

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How about practicing the comparative form and playing bingo at the same time? This bingo game requires a lot of strategy and creativity!

Grammar Point: The Comparative Form
Level: Basic
Skill: Writing
Materials needed: bingo grid and bingo cards


Each student gets a copy of the board. The teacher draws a card and reads the word. The students look at their boards and choose a square with a word that can be compared to the word that was read. Each student writes a sentence in that square that compares the two objects. For example, the teacher reads, “a diamond ring”. One student might write, “My diamond ring is more expensive than my bicycle.” Another student might write, “My diamond ring is more elegant than my watch.” Any correct and logical sentence can be used to mark the square. When a student has written sentences in 4 squares in a row (horizontally, diagonally or vertically),he or she should call out “BINGO!” The student reads sentences and teacher verifies if they are logical and correct. Students who strategize will get "Bingo" first.

Source:  The Great Big Bingo Book. Nina Ito and Anne Berry. Pro Lingua Associates, 2001.

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