Sunday, February 6, 2011

Activity 8- Go, Went, Gone Bingo

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 How about playing bingo, but in a different way? In this game students review and work with the past participle form of verbs.

Level: basic and intermediate
Skill: writing
Materials needed: bingo grids and bingo cards (downloadable)


Each student gets a copy of the board. The teacher draws a card and reads the verb in the base form and in the simple past.  The students may write the past participle form in any square that already has the first letter of the answer. When a student has written a participle in five squares in a row (horizontally, diagonally or vertically),he or she should call out “BINGO!” To confirm the win, the student tells the class which five they have in a row and spells the words out loud while the teacher verifies that these are correct and spelled correctly.

To download the bingo grid:

To download the bingo cards:

Source:  The Great Big Bingo Book. Nina Ito and Anne Berry. Pro Lingua Associates, 2001.

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