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Activity 13- I Predict, You Predict

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Here is a fun activity to practice predictions with WILL. It requires little preparation and it is definitely going to get your students involved!

 Level: basic and intermediate
Grammar point: future with WILL
Skills: writing, reading and speaking
Materials needed: 1 sheet of paper per student, pencils and adhesive tape


Give each student a blank sheet of paper and ask them to write their names at the top. Tell them to fold the upper side of the sheet in order to hide their names. Make sure nobody can read any names! Then, collect all sheets, scramble them and hang them around the classroom. Explain to students that they are going to stand up and walk around the room. When the teacher claps hands, they are going to stop walking around and stand in front of a sheet. Tell them that they are going to write a predicition for that classmate using WILL based on the topic given by the teacher. Then, have students walk around again and repeat the same procedure until they have written in about 5 or 6 different sheets. Finally, collect all sheets, give them back to their owners and tell them to read the predictions made for them in silence. Ask the students to pair up or form small groups and read what is on their sheets. Allow them some time to discuss the predictions with their classmates. As a follow-up, have them read some of their predictions to the whole group and say which predictions they liked and disliked and why.
Suggestions of topics to be used each time they have to write a prediction: vacations, job, family, school, home, love, friends, money, next year, etc.

* Variation: for more advanced levels, students can write predicitions using the Future Perfect Tense. The topics can be the same and the teacher can even add an adverbial phrase for each (by the end of next year, by 2015, etc)

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