Sunday, March 13, 2011

Activity 12- Person, Country or Things – You Name It!

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 Here`s a creative idea to work with vocabulary!

 Level : Basic
Skills: Reading and Speaking
Materials needed: slips, envelope, eraser


  • Write a list of nouns in three categories (or many as you wish to work with) – person, country or things.
  • Photocopy the list, so that there is one list for each group of 4 students.
  • Cut up the list into small slips, so there is one word on each slips. Then, put each set of slips in an envelope, so that there is an envelope for each group.
  • Put an eraser in each envelope.
  • In groups, students take turns pulling a slip out of the envelope.
  • They read the word and say whether it is a person, country, fruit or thing.
  • If they get it right, they keep the slip and the game moves on to the next student.
  • If they get it wrong and another student catches them, that student has to grab the eraser from the envelope and make the correction.
  • The student who has made the mistake has to put back all his/her slips in the envelope.
  • It’s good to establish some time with your students for them to play the game. Then review all the words with the entire class.

* Variation: This game can be used with any set of categories. Examples: rivers, cities, countries; complete sentences, verbs, adjectives, adverbs; clothes, toys, food; you name it!*
This game can be used with any level, and not only reviews whichever category you want to work with, but also motivates students to speak English. 

Source: Adapted from Hess, N. (2001). Teaching Large Multilevel Classes. CUP,  Cambridge.

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