Sunday, August 14, 2011

Activity 35- Draw the Sentence

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Practice the Present Continuous with a fun and engaging game! Teen students will definitely have a blast!

Grammar point: Present Continuous
Level: Basic
Skill: speaking
Material needed: slips with sentences


Divide class into 2 teams and explain that they have to pick a slip and draw the sentence written in it. 
Reinforce the idea that all sentences are in the Present Continuous and that the possibilities are "He is _____ing/She is _____ing/They are _____ing"
Reming the student who is going to draw on the board of the basic rules: no miming, no speaking, no writing words!
Each team has one minute to shout the correct sentence (and remind them that to get the point they have to shout the sentence as it is written in the slip!).
Suggestions of sentences to be used:
 They are speaking Chinese
He is cooking chicken pizza
She is kissing a frog
They are dancing hip hop
He is going home
She is writing an email
They are playing handball
He is riding a pony
She is washing an elephant
They are drinking lemon juice
He is doing the homework
She is singing opera
They are cleaning the swimming pool

The more complex and odd the sentences are, the more fun the students will have!

Source: Vinicius Lemos, inspired by Paul Seligson and his book English File

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