Monday, August 22, 2011

Activity 36- Real Life Questions

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 Here is a good idea to use with adult learners as an ice-breaker in the beginning of the class. 
Tip: Students can answer the questions orally or in paper. Questions can be displayed on the board. 

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Skills: Speaking
Material needed: To guide the students, a piece of paper with the questions below 


  1. Name three things that can be attractive.
  2. What is something your boss can take pride in or be proud of?
  3. What did you hear in the few weeks that was surprising or that you were surprised about?
  4. Describe a situation during which you felt confident about it.
  5.  Why is it believed that “the wicked stepmother is always ugly”?
  6.  Name three desirable characteristics.
  7. Source: Vânia Rodrigues

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