Sunday, April 22, 2012

Activity 67- I was... when...

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Are you teaching the relationship between simple past and past continuous? This game will definitely please your students!

Level: Basic and Intermediate
Skill: speaking
Grammar point: simple past and past continuous
Material needed: slips with sentences


Divide class into 2 teams. Spread slips with sentences on the table. A volunteer from the team goes to the front, picks up a slip and mimes the sentence to his group. Each group has one minute to guess the sentence correctly. 
Tip: Explain that all sentences follow the same pattern: "I was______ when _________"

Some suggestions:

I was sleeping when the telephone rang.
I was taking a shower when a butterfly flew over my head.
I was running when a dog bit my leg.
I was cooking when the cat jumped onto the stove.
I was dancing when I broke my arm.
I was writing an email when my girlfriend/boyfriend kissed me.
I was walking on the street when I slipped on a banana skin.
I was eating pizza when I started to cry.
I was playing soccer when the ball hit my face.
I was eating soup when a fly landed on my spoon.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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