Sunday, April 8, 2012

Activity 65- Paraphrase Dictation

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Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Skill: Listening and writing
Grammar point: Idioms
Material needed: list of sentences to be dictated


In this dictation, students don`t actually write what you say. Explain that the sentences contain slangs and idiomatic expressions and  the challenge is to paraphrase as much as they can using their own words. In the end, students pair up and compare their sentences before the exercise is corrected. Here are some suggestions for the dictation:

I guess I have a crush on that guy.
I`m feeling blue today.
It`s raining cats and dogs.
Hey, what`s up dude?
Julia is fed up with John.
That noise gets on my nerves.
I can`t help laying my eyes on her.
Those boots are in vogue.
Knock it off! I need to take a nap.
She is dressed to kill.
I don`t have the guts to try that sport.
Does this picture ring you a bell?

For more idiomatic expressions go to :

Tip: This strategy can be adapted to different realities by taking and using learned vocabulary from the students' coursebook.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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