Monday, September 3, 2012

Activity 82- Odd One Out

Here is a nice idea to put critical thinking into practice!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Skill: speaking
Material Needed: list of things to be compared


Tell students that they are going to see on the board a list of words and,in groups of 3, they should choose the odd one out. Remind them that there is no single correct answer, anything is possible as long as it makes sense. Give them enough time to discuss and elicit their ideas. 

Some suggestions:
safari - club- airplane
watch- car- pencil
apple- hospital - yellow
book - glasses - cat
English - salad - work
brother- chocolate - laptop
homework - love- water
music - money - internet
gun- tree- hot
giraffe - sandals - oasis

Picture Credits:
Source: Vinicius Lemos, inspired by a session given by Lindsay Clandfield at the 13th Braz-Tesol National Convention in Rio de Janeiro, July 2012.

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