Thursday, September 27, 2012

Activity 84- The Life Soundtrack

Short of creative ideas to make your students talk? How about trying this simple warmer? All you need is a CD with songs and a picture! 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Skill: Speaking
Material needed: pre-selected song snippets and a picture of someone (ex: taken from a magazine)


Explain the situation: the person in the picture loves listening to music and for every moment in life he/she has a special soundtrack that relates closely to what he/she is going through.Pair up students and play the selected tracks. Then, they should come up with a very short anecdote explaining what happened in that person's life that made him/her listen to that specific song. Play each song for about 1 minute. 

*Tip: You may wish to play only one song and have pairs work on a more elaborate anecdote or play several songs and have them come up with short explanations/descriptions. 

Picture credits:
Source: Vinicius Lemos

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