Sunday, February 24, 2013

Activity 90- How Much Do You Know Me?

Here is a nice idea for groups who have studied together for a while!

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced
Skill: Writing
Material Needed: None


Prepare a set of 10 personal questions such as “What’s your friend’s address?”/ “what’s his/her favorite food?”/ “what’s his/her favorite school subject?”/”how many people live in his/her house/apartment” Ask students to sit in pairs. They can (and should) choose to sit with their closest friend in class. Have pairs sit back-to-back. Give students a piece of paper (or they can also use their notebooks) and tell them to number this paper from 1 to 10. Ask the questions and have students’ write down the answer that is true for his/her pair. Then have students check what they wrote and, if they have the same answer, they score a point. At the end, the pair that has more points wins. 

Source: Vânia, adapted from The Monster Book of Language Teaching Activities
Picture credits: Alexander Henning Drachmann / Flickr

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  1. Hi Techer Vânia,
    I loved all these ideas in 2014 ,I will keep using them in my classes.
    Att Elisangela Ferreira
    from PSTDP class - 2012.