Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Activity 88- News Picture

Here is an idea that involves art and a lot of creativity! Great warmer for learners with higher fluency skills.

Levels: intermediate, advanced
Skill: reading, writing, listening and speaking
Material needed: pre-selected piece of news


Divide class into two different groups, A and B. Group B leaves the room and Group A reads a short piece of news. Then, ask students in Group A to produce a drawing representing the story they have just read. When everyone is done, students from Group B come in, pair up with someone from Group A and look at their partner`s drawing. Then, explain that students from Group B should write what they think the story is about based on the drawing. In the end, pairs get together and compare the real story with the invented one. As a wrap-up, have some volunteers read their made up stories. 

Source: Marisa Constantinides
Picture Credits: Flickr (NS Newsflash)

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