Sunday, January 30, 2011

Activity 7- Continue the Story

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 Level: from Basic to Advanced
Skill: Speaking 
Materials needed: randomly chosen props/objects and a big bag. 

That’s a warmer that can be used with any group, from basic to more advanced ones. It exercises spontaneity, fluency and creativity. Be ready for some laughs!


The teacher brings different objects to class ( pen, knife, ball, teddy bear, cell phone, etc) and puts them inside a big bag or box. The students have to continue the story the teacher is going to start. The teacher says “One day I had a very strange dream. I was walking down the street when…Then the teacher shows the first student an object and asks him/her to continue the story and somehow include this object in the story. The student has to continue telling the story until the teacher shows another object to the next student. The class should go on with the story until all students have had a chance to speak.

Tip: Use flashcards or pictures if you don`t have any props available. Another possibility is to use students` own objects.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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