Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Activity 56- List 10 Differences (TESOL 2012 special post)

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Pick up a magazine , cut out any two pictures that have a theme in common and you have an activity ready for your class. Simple as that!

Level: any
Skill: writing and/or speaking
Material needed: pairs of similar pictures (two people, two places, two objects, two situations, etc) taken from any magazines

Pair up students or have them work in small groups. Explain that the objective of the activity is to look at the two pictures and list down 10 differences they are able to spot. Emphasize that the differences might not be very obvious, so that their creativity is going to be essential for the successful completion of the task. The winner is the pair or group that finishes the list first. 

- Different pairs of pictures can be assigned to each  group.
- This can be transformed into a speaking activity if different pairs of pictures are displayed around the classroom and students rotate discussing the differences they can spot.
-Instead of listing the differences, students can work on the similarities.

Source: Vinicius Lemos (adapted from

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