Sunday, March 4, 2012

Special news about March posts!

March is a joyful and fruitful month for English teachers worldwide. Two of the most important events are taking place in the upcoming weeks: the IATEFL Conference in Glasgow and the TESOL Convention in Philadelphia. To keep the festive spirits up, our blog has a special gift for you all: Vinicius Lemos is presenting a solo project in Philadelphia (poster session: Achieving Excellence in EFL Classroom Language Practice Through Magazines) and has decided to share some of his ideas first-hand  before anyone else has a chance to learn about them at the convention! And that`s not all: this month we are going to post 2 activities every week! So, collect all those old magazines you were about to throw away and learn how to utilize them creatively in your English classes! We hope you enjoy this month`s special!

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