Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hi everyone! After a 3-month break, we are ready to start the year with more fun, simple and effective activities for your English classes! Stay connected because new posts are on their way! We are very happy to know that the traffic in our blog is still consistent, even though new material hash`t been added recently. That makes us even more motivated to continue blogging and sharing the best activities with you all!
This year we want to hear from you, we want to know which activities you have developed and have been using that are winners among your students. How about sharing them with us and all of the blog`s visitors?  In 2013 we don`t want to post only our own ideas, but rather make it a collective space where we can share and spread effective and simple activities that everyone can use. Here is your chance to share your material with teachers worldwide! Check out what you have to do:
Write your post and send it to Vinicius Lemos ( All we ask is that you try to follow the standard of our blog posts. Remember to inform the proper accreditation if you are using any images or ideas from other sources (you don`t need to have created the activity, you can simply share what you like and have been using successfully!). If you wish, send a personal picture, professional biodata and links to your webpages; they will accompany your post. Simple as that! We will inform you when your entry will be posted and we will let you know beforehand if any text editing had to take place. Once your entry has been posted, you can share it with your colleagues, your school and post a link in your personal/professional pages and let everyone know you are contributing to the teaching community around the world! Isn`t that great?! We hope to hear from you soon! We wish you all a great year of inspiring and great lessons!
Vânia Rodrigues & Vinicius Lemos

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