Sunday, January 13, 2013

Activity 85- Me Against Me

This game is a great way to review and practice parts of the body. Young learners will definitely have a blast playing it! 

Level: basic
Skill: speaking, listening
Vocabulary: parts of the body
Material needed: none


Ask students to stand up and pair up with a classmate. Tell them they are going to take orders from the teacher and must follow them. Here is an example of what could be said: " head against arm". Then, one child of the couple must put his head against the arm of the other kid. Check if everyone is doing it correctly. After giving some orders, say the line : " me against me! " Then, in this case, students must pair up with someone else and you have to find a child to pair up with you as well. The child who has no pair has to give the orders until he/she says "me against me!" and students find other partners. 

Source: Unknown
picture credits: Flickr (egonwegh)

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