Sunday, January 27, 2013

Activity 87- Intonation Fun

Use this activity to highlight the importance of intonation when your students, as they often do, talk like robots. 

Level : any
Skill: speaking (focus on intonation)
Material needed: mini-posters with the phrases and situations


Basically, get them to say the words in quotation marks in the contexts that follow. You can either tell them the situations orally or you can display the information on mini-posters around the classroom and invite them to visit the different stations and practice saying the sentences. 

to a friend
to a friend you haven`t seen for 3 years
to a neighbor that you don`t like
to a 6-month old baby
to someone you have just found doing something they should`t 
to someone on the phone when you`re not sure if they are still on the other end

" goodbye"
to a member of your family as they are going through the boarding gate at the airport
to someone who has been annoying you
to a child starting his/her very first day at school

"How are you?"
to someone you haven`t seen for 20 years 
to someone who has recently lost a member of the family
to someone who didn`t sleep in their own bed last night

" I never go to bars" 
by a person that totally disapproves of drinking alcohol to someone who often goes to bars
as a response to someone who has told you they sometimes go to bars
said before: ' ...but I quite like discos.' 

" What have you done?" 
to someone who claims to have fixed your television only that now it`s worse than before
to someone who is scolding you for not doing anything when you suspect the same about them
to someone who has just done something very bad and which has serious consequences

Picture Credits: Flickr (Phil Dragash)

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