Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Activity 1- Ameriquest Videos to Practice the Simple Past

The videos used in this activity are from the AMERIQUEST  campaign entitled “Don’t judge too quickly”.  They are very short videos with a simple story line and all of them have a fun and surprising element.  There are several  videos and all of them can be easily found on YouTube.
Pair up students and name them A and B. Student A watches the short video and student B closes his/her eyes or turns his/her back to the screen.  When the video is over, student A reports the story to student B using the SIMPLE PAST and as many details as possible.  Later, student A and B change roles and do the same activity using another video from Ameriquest.
As a follow-up, students can watch both videos again and together work on vocabulary and additional details. Also, they can write a short paragraph reporting the story from one of the videos.



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