Friday, January 14, 2011

Activity 3- Name Six

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  This is a fun challenging game to review vocabulary that requires very little preparation and can be adapted to different levels and lessons. It is very successful among young learners.

            In a circle, give one student a stuffed animal or object. The teacher says what the student holding the stuffed animal/object has to name six of. The teacher says “GO!” and students pass it around. The student must say the six words before the stuffed animal gets back to him or her.(example: name six animals, six irregular verbs, six phrasal verbs, six sports, six adjectives to describe someone’s mood, etc)
            Tip: Depending on the size of the group or level of difficulty, the teacher may change the number of vocabulary words the student has to say.


  1. At the 11th International Conference in Montevideo participants were asked to name six car parts, six things you can do with the computer, and six adjectives to describe someone's mood. They sure had a great time doing so.

  2. I used this activity with my Prime 8 students when we talked about globalization. It was fun and effective. Thanks!