Saturday, January 15, 2011

Activity 4- Last Word Stories

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This is a nice writing activity that explores creativity and fluency as well. It is appropriate for intermediate and advanced levels, but the teacher can adapt it to more basic levels.


In this activity students can work individually, in pairs, or in groups. Dictate the following words (ask them to write the words at the end of the lines).

 a) ___________________________________________________________blood.
b) ___________________________________________________________police.
c) ___________________________________________________________angry.
d) _________________________________________________________finished.
e) ___________________________________________________________guilty.
f) __________________________________________________________suicide.
g) _________________________________________________happily ever after.

Tell them that they have to write a connecting set of sentences that end with the words dictated. The final word should not be modified and students can’t add more sentences. They must be connected to form a mini story.

*Adaptation/variation: Use random words taken from the coursebook. It`s a great way to review vocabulary and give students an opportunity to use learned vocabulary in a contextualized way. 


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