Monday, January 17, 2011

Activity 5- Survivor Spelling Game

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This is a fun game for young learners and a creative way to work with spelling! 


Make a list of words covered in previous lessons and ask students to stand up. Call out a word. The first student gives the first letter, the second student gives the second letter, and so on. If a student makes a mistake, he/she should sit down, and the next one should continue spelling the word. Then, you should pick another word and start the game with a student who was waiting for his turn. In the end, the student who is left out standing is the “survivor”and winner of the game.



  1. where cna I see the pieces of movies to work in the classrooms? THK sandra

  2. Hello Sandra! I suppose you are talking about the Ameriquest videos, right? I`ve just checked the post and one of the videos is not available anymore. I`ve found another link to te same video and I`ll also give you the link to the others. They can all be viewed in YouTube and you can also download the videos through

    Just copy and paste:

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    Vinicius Lemos

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